Build more donor relationships.

The DexManus fundraising assistant helps your team to build deep, long-term relationships with your donors.

DexManus is your fundraising assistant.

Wish you had an assistant to help you run a better fundraising team?

We built DexManus to be the coach, monitor, and extra hand you need to consistently get the best out of your team.

Consistently great notes

Consistent, detailed notes

Incomplete donor notes were just part of life — before DexManus. DexManus knows the key details you need in your call reports, and asks fundraisers follow-up questions whenever they leave something out.

DexManus comes pre-loaded with industry best practices that you can customize for your team — making sure everyone is as as good as your best fundraiser.

Improved organizational memory

Better organization memory

Your team changes, but fundraising goes on. DexManus monitors fundraising activity to ensure no report or detail is missed, always keeping your database complete and up-to-date.

DexManus works via phone, app, or email — or directly with your donor database. You don't have to change your process to use DexManus.

Focus on fundraising

Focus on fundraising

DexManus lets fundraisers focus on fundraising — talking to donors and building relationships. It can even join them on their meetings so that they don't miss important facts or follow-up actions!

You get a smart summary of every donor meeting and call — not a transcription. Your fundraisers get more time with your donors.

Features and Benefits

Focus on fundraising, not data entry.

Maintaining your donor database should not be your primary task.
DexManus can help whenever and wherever you need it.

Key points

DexManus helps you identify key points in your conversations — reasons for giving, projects that resonate, and more.

Invite to calls

Invite DexManus to your meetings — eliminating the need to take notes after. Optimized for remote working — use on phone or video calls.

Quality control

DexManus checks your notes to ensure they meet best practice — for the industry or your organization.


DexManus monitors your team's activities so that you can track progress and find ways to improve.

Phone or app

The DexManus assistant is available over the phone, or through the DexManus app. No need to be in front of your computer!

Prioritized Tasks

DexManus puts your tasks in priority order, and separates those for now from those that must wait for the future.


Tell DexManus about tasks and follow-ups, and it will remind you when needed. Share tasks between team members to balance workload.

Automatic database update

DexManus can store notes directly in your donor database so that you have all your donor information in one place.

People give to people, not organizations.

Let DexManus create the space you need to build more personal relationships.

How DexManus Works

As easy as picking up the phone.

Like a traditional assistant, just give DexManus a call. While your team fundraises, DexManus prepares notes and keeps track of follow-up tasks.

DexManus app

Have your meeting

Meet a donor. Call a prospect. Do what you always have — build relationships.


Invite DexManus

Invite DexManus to your meeting — or you can call it after. DexManus listens to the conversation or your verbal summary and takes notes.


Answer a few questions

DexManus analyzes your meeting and will ask follow-up questions to make sure your call report is complete.


DexManus goes to work

While you get back to fundraising, DexManus will prepare a summary of the meeting, tasks for any follow-up actions, and any reminders you asked for.


Review and Import

You'll find your notes ready and waiting in the DexManus app. Accept as-is, or make changes to it.

DexManus can email the result, or automatically import into your donor database.


That's it!

Build another relationship, or check in with DexManus on follow-up tasks, reminders, or missing details it identified in your call reports.

Let DexManus help

Do what you do best: fundraise

Stop wasting time on administrative tasks when you could be building donor relationships and raising more donation dollars.

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